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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the different membership types?

 Largely, scale. 

 Each membership type grants full and complete access to all of our recorded trainings. Additionally, they will have access to all the new material we add over the course of the year. 

 A Full Access Membership grants one person unlimited access. A Team Membership can cover up to 15 people. 

 Business and Enterprise levels also gain the ability to host their own materials, including documentation, recorded trainings, internal training, compliance tracking, testing...some customers have used this to show salespeople their products, to handle onboarding procedures and documentation, or to present HR training. 

 The platform itself can handle anything, so the uses are not just limited to food safety compliance training.

 At the Enterprise level, you will also receive additional support, in the form of training in creating and hosting your own content for your internal team.

Enterprise Unlimited Membership . . . is it really unlimited? Can I upload my own content?

Many of our clients loved the TrainToComply platform and wanted to know if they could use this the same platform for their own internal trainings.  So we expanded the platform to allow you to create your own video trainings for your own internal use.

 We offer UNLIMITED hosting, in addition to UNLIMITED users. If you have a library of fifty trainings recorded, and would like them hosted, no problem! Additionally, we offer support on how to best record new trainings, how to upload and organize courses, and how to manage your content for your team.

  • See the video for more information.
What is included in my annual Membership?

You may view the many trainings on TrainToComply as often as you want during the year.  We have many food safety and food compliance trainings available on the site, and we keep adding more every month. 

While going through the trainings you make take quizzes and upon completion receive a certificate and badges for social media. We are currently in the process of added additional certification options; currently, we offer a HACCP Alliance certified course, which will allow you to receive a HACCP Alliance Seal on your certificate with an additional fee.

You may use TrainToComply as a quick resource and search for any topic and find corresponding videos indefinitely, utilizing it not only as a training resource, but also a reference.

 Additionally, we are able to quickly offer new content based on request. If your company needs a certain topic covered, even if it's minor or narrow, let us know, and we will see about getting a webinar on the topic recorded and posted.

What do the trainings look like?
  1. Webinars
    1. We have many 20-45 min recorded webinars.
  2. Full Compliance Trainings:
    1. Compliance trainings like GlobalG.A.P., HACCP, SQF, FSMA, etc. are broken up in to many 3-10 min videos.  This is so you can review and retain the material better and use the videos as a resource later.
  3. 360 (3D) full immersion trainings:
    1. We have recently added 360 image and video immersion trainings so you can see real life examples of compliance in a field and a facility.
I want to provide content for the platform and get paid...can I do that?

YES, our members are hungry for knowledge and we could use all the relevant content available from the many diverse experts in the field. 

We are also interested in licensing training from current facilities for access to the entire membership base.

We pay for content in a few different ways - see the Auditor/Trainer/Association page for more information, and contact us for more details or to schedule a discussion.

Have additional questions?

We are more than happy to answer them for you.

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