Food safety training and compliance for your
packing house.

Food safety risks for packing houses have grown significantly. Not a week goes by that you do not hear of some new recall for listeria, e. coli, salmonella, etc. The many outbreaks connected to packing houses over the last 10 years has significantly increased government regulations and your client expectations.

Is this how you feel?


If you feel confused, frustrated, annoyed, and maybe angry at the lack of information on how to comply with all the new regulations and expectations, you are not alone.


If you are worried about how to manage the compliance of your suppliers, you are not alone.

Losing sleep?

If you stay up at night wondering if you have a pathogenic bacteria (listeria, salmonella, e. Coli., etc.) in your facility that you can’t find, or don’t even know where to look, you are not alone.

Thinking about selling?

If you feel like selling the company would be easier than dealing regulations and customer expectations, you are not alone.

Why can we help?

TrainToComply has expert in supply chain compliance, and will walk you through simple solutions to manage your supply chain to comply with government regulations and client expectations.  

We have trainings and webinars on how to find and destroy pathogens.

Our platform that will train you on the new federal food safety regulations and market expectations, and you can perform all the trainings in the comfort of your office.

What we have to offer

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